From 20 to 23 July the company in the face of Timur Levdy to familiarize paid a visit to Bulgaria. During the visit was studying the procedure of entering to the Agra-market country.

There were talks passed with potential partners, including major importers of chemical fertilizers, the owners of farms that specialize in the cultivation of various crops (nut gardens, grain, essential-oil crops). There were visiting offices and production facilities of the companies, including Ltd. “Brevis” at the invitation of Mr. Nikola Popov Ltd. “CIB Agro” on the initiative of Mr. Zheko Gospodinova, Ltd. “SKAT” at the invitation of Mr. Krasen Kuzmanova, Ltd. “Imex” the owner Mr. Kitan Kitev.

Has place inspection of the premises in an industrial area in Burgas, where will be located manufacturing complex. It area is 470 sq.m; height of the ceiling on the walls – 6 m, below the center of the roof – 7.5 m.

There were taken samples of Shumen sludge reservoir for analysis because after several decades of silting need cleaning.

In order to establish cooperation there were passed negotiations with auditors of Bourgas and Pozardzhika. There were specifying the form and procedure for taxation and customs control. It was given recommendations on the legal form of the enterprise, and the establishment of the State Office for its service.

The studies determined the preliminary demand for Greenadin Black. It has generated a first order of 22 tons on the basis of which will be passed all the stages of the procedure of registration. On the basis of the first order, taking into account our recommendations will be carried out research on the application reclamation. The tests will be accompanied by a mandatory photo fixing and recording results.

It conducted a consultation with the Institute of Soil Science, Sofia. In an interview with Professor Marin BANEVO was broach a question of products for compliance with existing standards in Bulgaria, registration and certification of our company.

Currently, agricultural policy in Bulgaria is favorable to the introduction of bio-products such as reclamations.

As a result of the trip decided on the formation of the Bulgarian market of reclamation, the scope of which will be created corresponding production. Samples of Greenodin Black will be tested at the Institute of Soil Science (Sofia), where experts will conclude the possibility of reclamation in agriculture. The samples were also submitted to the specialized company “Balkan Biosert” for organic certification standards.

To complete the procedure of product standardization will be made correct definition of HS at customs authorities in Bulgaria.