The management of the company has visited UAE with a business trip from 5 till 15 of May, during the visit was successfully solved the key issues of entering the Agra-market country. A set of negotiations was directed with the potential partners, the high volume importers of the chemical fertilizers according to the business agreements. The contracts were signed with a set of the marketing companies for services accomplishments of the marketing. According to the results of the researches, the preliminary inquiry is assigned on such production of the “Cinta” company as Greenodin White and Greenodin Grey.


During the trip, the management of the “Cinta” company visited the plant of the production of compost near the foothills of Abu Dhabi. The issues of possible cooperation were discussed with the administration. The negotiations with the representatives of the Soil’s Science laboratory in Al Lana were finished with success. The subjects of the negotiations included the agreements on the examination of products compliance with the existing standards in the UAE, and the registration and certification of the SP “Cinta” LLC products.


20150507_133910One of the results of the work was the appointment as a representative of the SP “Cinta” LLC in the UAE, a leading marketer Mr. Osman Arbab. The main task in Mr. Arbab’s work will be the implementation of company’s entering to the Arab agro-industrial market. The bulk of the work will be to carry out and analyze the results of marketing researches, and to build a base of potential customers.

Currently, the agricultural policy of the UAE focused on the development of hydroponics. The main part of the foodstuff is not grown, but imported. Therefore, our task is to offer logistic structures of our products to farmers.


20150510_154022Therefore, our task is to offer supply patterns of our products to farmers, the use of which is extremely important in the tropical wilderness, taking into account the water holding capacity of Greenodins of the company “Cinta”.

In addition, our company will develop a special product, rich in minerals and microelements, for using in hydroponics.