Greenodin Black is a unique, innovative product, developed by the group of leading Ukrainian scientists, who increase the resistance of plants to abiotic and biotic stresses. Greenodin Black was made according to the modern standards of the world’s agrarian market.

Greenodin Black is an organic-mineral mixture, the main component of which is putrid mud of the mineralizing bedrock, enriched with silicon-containing natural materials.

Greenodin Black is recommended for use in the arid lands for the soils with the low content of organic substances and elements of mineral nutrition with the purpose of increasing its fertility and water retaining power , amplification of field beneficial microorganisms, lowering of soil fatigue.

Product Contents: putrid mud of the mineralizing bedrock and modified silicon-containing minerals. The mixture comprises macro- and microelements, essential for the development of plants and increasing their resistance to stress-factors.

Distribution rate of the soil: 200 - 400 kg for hectare.

Method of application: the usage of standard technologies


After application into the soil Greenodin Black provides:

  • improvement of agro physical, agrochemical and biological soil criterion, including sandy ones and soil substitute;
  • rise of soil fertility by the means of amount of labile organic matter to 15-20%, activization of fermentation processes and development of field beneficial microorganisms;
  • soil revival, decreasing of soil fatigue and toxicity;
  • lowered usage of irrigation water to 20-30%;
  • prolonged flux of biogenic elements in plants;
  • stimulation of growth and development of plants, improvement crop product quality;
  • rise of disease resistance.



Developing Greenodin Black, we took care of your land, even at the laboratory, foreseeing the ability to modify the product depending from:

  • raw material base of the defined region;
  • physicochemical parameters of soils;
  • phytobiology.


The ingredients are chosen either according to soil cadaster data or on the clients requests, our specialists run chemical and physical analysis of the soil and determinate the unique recipe and dose of the product for each type of soil.