It is used for soil reclamation:

  • after prolonged use under a monoculture;
  • alkalinization of soil as a result of  irrigation.

“GREENODIN BROWN” Reclamation is an organic mixture, the main component of which is the turf of various origins, rich in natural siliceous minerals.

“GREENODIN BROWN” Reclamation is recommended for the use in open and closed ground while growing an unlimited range of plant species. The mixture increases the productivity of plants and their resistance to stress factors, including temperature fluctuations and moisture content in the soil.


Applied to the soil provides:


  • increase the productivity of plants, including flowering ornamental species;
  • long aftereffect up to 3-5 years;
  • the intensification of the processes of photosynthesis and activation of redox enzymes;
  • stimulation of plant growth and development;
  • adaptation to drought, soil hypoxia, high salt concentrations.

The rate of application into the soil: 250-400 kg/ha.

Method of application: the use of standard technologies.