It is used for soil reclamation:

  • polluted with heavy metals;
  • polluted with organic compounds;
  • exhausted by monoculture.


“Grenadine Gray” Reclamation is an organo-mineral mixture, the main component of which is sapropeles with any degree of mineralization and silicon-containing minerals.


The product is meant for:

  • soil reclamation;
  • soils polluted with heavy metals and organic compounds;
  • decreases soil fatigue during long-lasting cultivation of continuous culture;
  • improving of the agrophysical index of acid and toxic soils.


“Grenadine Gray” Reclamation is recommended for usage in city planting, mono implantation on soils polluted by toxicants.


Content of “Greenodin Gray”:

  • sapropeles (Helps to increase adsorbability of mixture on acid, alkalinization and salic soil, polluted by heavy metals and organic compounds, in particular by phenols, that encourage the development of processes in soil fatigue);
  • silicon-containing minerals (In the presence of sapropeles, the silicone gel is formed. The silicone gel is a chemical complex that is inaccessible to plants, as the consequence of reducing the mobility of contaminants of mineral and organic origin.)


The rate of application into the soil: 300-500 kg/ha.

Method of application: the use of standard technologies.


Applied to the soil provides:

  • improvement  of agrophysical agrochemical and biological characteristics of made grounds, techgrounds, grounds for cultivation in the conditions of metropolis;
  • reclamation and toxicity elimination of different soils, polluted by heavy metals and organic compounds;
  • reclamation of soils during long-lasting cultivation of continuous culture;
  • reducing of soil toxic level and inhibiting of development of phytopathogenic microorganisms;
  • increasing of the adaptation of plants to abiotic and biotic stress-factors.