Greenodin white is an organ-mineral mixture, based on soluble water glass, silicon-containing natural minerals and bottom ooze, meant for restoration of soils after biological and chemical contamination, when the physical structure of the soil is damaged. Also, this product is applied to the rise of soil fertility and water-retaining capacity.

Greenodin white is developed for the growing of unlimited specific range in the conditions of open and protected ground.

Greenodin white is recommended to use in the rainless regions with the extreme abiotic factors, on the soils with the low content of organic material and elements of mineral nutrition.


Product contents of Greenodin white:

  • the presence of bottom ooze forwards the activization of silicon flux in plants, creates the supplementary source of nutrients, increases fertility and sorption capacity of the soil, activates the development of microorganisms, including nitrogen-fixing bacteria;
  • soluble water glass provides the formation in the soil of high-molecular polysilicic acids, that directly influence its physicochemical characteristics. Newly formatted high-molecular polysilicic acids (silicone gel) are characterized by the unique ability to preserve information about any other compound or molecule, due to this, the specific silicon matrix with catalytic properties is formed. This very peculiar of the soluble water glass provides its soil-reclamation and water-holding capacity.  Potassium that is included in soluble water glass increases the plant resistance to the drought and phytopathogene;
  • terra silicea and ceyssatite are natural silicon-containing minerals with the high content of  movable silicon; during land application they become the supplementary depot of mineral nutrition elements, provide development of the agronomical useful microbiota, decrease soil fatigue, guarantee  high soil-reclamation and water-holding capacity of the mixture.


Particle size of all components of the mixture does not exceed 0.5 mm that stimulates more intensive interaction of the preparation with the soil adsorption complex, and leads to the reduction of applying mixture norm.

Distribution rate of the soil: 150 - 400 kg for hectare.

After application into the soil Greenodin White provides:

  • improvement of agrophysical, agrochemical and biological soil criterion, including sandy ones and soil substitute;
  • rise of soil fertility by the means of amount of labile organic matter to 15-20%, activization of fermentation processes and development of field beneficial microorganisms;
  • decreasing of soil toxicity;
  • lowered usage of irrigation water to 30-45%;
  • the prolonged flux of biogenic elements to plants;
  • stimulation of growth and development of plants, improvement crop product quality;
  • rise of disease resistance.